Two friends. The Internet. And Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With these unlikely ingredients, Grandma Lotus was born.

Inspired by how grandmothers always seem to know what you need to be rejuvenated, Grandma Lotus features a body constitution test to help identify your exact needs based on your body type.

Knowing that, we’ll then provide customized packs of herbal goodness that you can brew for yourself or your loved ones.

The lotus has always represented life and resilience, emerging from the mud to bloom into a beautiful flower.

By making TCM information accessible and convenient for today’s audiences, we hope to help you find your balance and celebrate life to the fullest.


Lam Man Sze

Meet Man Sze – the holistic wellness guru with a big brain and an even bigger heart.

Her friends say she can’t stop helping people, and it’s not hard to see why.

She’s a licensed TCM Physician, an instructor at the Singapore Red Cross Academy, and a volunteer with the St John Responder Unit. Now, Man Sze can also add “co-founder of Grandma Lotus” to the many hats she already wears.

With Bachelor’s degrees from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the China Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (as well as a PhD in acupuncture underway), Man Sze clearly knows her $#%@.

But it’s not just theory for her. During her time working at the Ma Kuang Healthcare Group, Man Sze had extensive experience taking care of patients.

Now, with Grandma Lotus, Man Sze wants to help even more people with her wealth of knowledge while also debunking some TCM myths in the process.

Wong Wan Kay

By day, Wan Kay is a digital practitioner who drives great web experiences. By night, she’s a budding entrepreneur whose mission is to share the heritage and benefits of TCM with others.

As the “grandma” among her peers (she can be pretty naggy), it was only natural for Wan Kay to embark on such an undertaking.

She’s always believed in the time-tested approach of TCM. And it thrills her that the practice has been gaining momentum worldwide, with more research being done to support its theories.

Grandma Lotus is her way of honouring her own grandmother, with the art of preparing herbal brew for others reminiscent of how grandmothers often express their love and care.

Beyond that, she hopes that Grandma Lotus will be able to create meaningful jobs for older folks, keeping them active through their golden years.