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Body constitution types in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Neutral 平和质
The most ideal constitution. Your yin and yang are balanced, and your body adjusts well to changing stressors.
Qi Deficiency ⽓虚质
Your energy level is low, making your body more susceptible to a weakened immunity.
Qi Stagnation ⽓郁质
Your body’s internal energy is disrupted and not flowing smoothly.
Blood Deficiency 血虚
Your body is not efficiently replenishing the oxygen in your blood.
Yin Deficiency 阴虚质
Your body is experiencing a lowered hydration level.
Blood Stasis 血瘀 
Your body’s blood circulation is poor due to obstructions in your blood flow.
Yang Deficiency 阳虚质
Your body is experiencing lowered levels of internal heat.
Heaty 火盛
Your body’s internal heat level is higher than at its equilibrium state.
Phelgm-Dampness 痰湿
Your body feels heavy and lethargic, with phlegm constantly accumulating in your throat.

We generally tend to possess a combination of constitutions with one to two dominant types that might change over time.
Understanding your body’s constitution can help you towards achieving a healthier internal balance.

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The Grandma Lotus Story

"Drink this. It is good for you."

A soothing touch, a gentle smile, and a fresh pot of herbal goodness – few things capture the essence of a grandmother’s love better.

For many, a visit to grandma’s never fails to warm the heart. But it does not need to stop there.

Now, you too can share the same comfort and affection with your loved ones, even if you’re not a grandma.

This is traditional herbal wisdom for a new generation. This is Grandma Lotus.

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