In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the body constitution (“体质” in Mandarin) (BC) is an individual set of physical traits which display according to how your body responds to are compatible with the external and internal environments. It is an indication of our health, i.e. our degree of susceptibility to diseases, metabolism, and response to stimuli.

Over the decades, with the primary goal to promote disease prevention, there have been numerous TCM research conducted to develop a clear concept of BC, as well as the classification of basic BC types. Even though there are vigorous debates and discussions on the various classification systems due to complexity of the concept and different perspectives towards BC, BC nevertheless reflects our current body condition and enables us to grasp control of our own health and well-being.

We were born with a certain type of BC which was pre-determined by our parents’ BCs. Depending on how we respond to our environments (e.g. geographical locations and climatic patterns, lifestyle, eating habits and culture, life events, etc), our body’s physiology reacts, resulting in our BC to change gradually and can form a combination of more than one BC type, e.g. deficiency in qi and yin, dampness-heat and even stagnation of qi and blood, etc.

If you have taken our BC test and the results show that you have the same or almost equivalent per cent weightage of more than one BC, this implies your current combination set of BC types which you need to focus on to improve upon.

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