With Lunar New Year soon approaching, we all know what this means! Late nights and lots of snacking. With this once-a-year gathering with our loved ones, it’s easy to get carried away in the festivities and fun, only realising that you’ve neglected your health after it’s all over. To keep the post-CNY ills of sore throats, indigestion and fatigue away, read on to find out how Grandma Lotus’ selection of herbal brews can keep you in tip-top shape through the holidays.

Heaty Buster

With the combination of late-night visiting, calorie-heavy Chinese New Year goodies and the hot February weather, most of us will suffer from ‘internal heat’, causing us to be ‘heaty’. This then translates to us suffering from the post-CNY ills of sore throats and heatiness.

Keep yourself in tip-top shape with a dose of our Heaty Buster tea, which contains yellow chrysanthemum, burdock root and peppermint to disperse wind-heat and cool down the body. This tea is best suited for those with Neutral, Yin Deficiency or Heaty body constitutions. Individuals with other body constitution types are advised to drink a maximum of one dose a day, or when necessary.

Floral Zen

Feeling the pressure from the family probes of “When are you getting married”, or “When are you planning for a family?”. The stress of keeping these answers at bay may lead to the stagnation in qi, the answer to why you’ve been sighing in response to your family, getting insomnia or suffering from a short temper. Open your qi with Grandma Lotus’ Floral Zen tea, which is filled with ingredients such as rose, lavender and jasmine which do wonders in controlling the dispersion of qi and regulating your emotions. Thank us later, when you find yourself feeling much more at ease.

Qi Booster and Day Starter

With the tiredness of staggered house visiting this year, plus the weariness of working from home, the accumulated fatigue may be a result of your body’s decreased qi level. A low qi level means that your body is unable to fully replenish your energy as you rest through the night. To restore your body’s qi, Grandma Lotus’ Qi Booster and Day Starter teas are the perfect remedy for you.

Metabolism Booster

With hearty snacks all around and a flurry of hotpot gatherings to attend, some of us may be extra prone to a bout of indigestion. Keep that at bay with our our specially calibrated pack of Metabolism Booster, which contains hawthorn and roselle - ingredients proven to aid in the quick relief of indigestion. Plus point? These ingredients also help to maintain your waistline, just in time for Valentine’s Day around the corner!

The ‘Hangover’

The perfect companion to a round of Blackjack, you ask? Alcohol, of course! With everyone soaking in the fun of the Lunar New Year, especially after a tough 2020, it’s understandable that some may (over)indulge in a round of drinks. But, with that overindulgence comes the dreaded hangover. To counter the hangover effect, prep yourself with a dose of “The Hangover” tea which contains lobed kudzuvine flower (葛花) to invigorate the spleen qi and pericarpium citri reticulatae (陈皮) to strengthen the stomach qi, which both combine forces to relieve the dampness within the body. A tinge of wolfberries is also added to nourish the liver and kidney’s TCM physiological function.

Tried and tested by the merry drinkers around us, trust when we say this ‘Hangover’ is one you would love to down.

Looking for a more personalised answer to address your body’s exact needs? Find out which body constitution type you belong to today.

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