Ever wondered why you seem to catch a cold more easily than your friends? Or even why you are easily agitated with the smallest inconveniences? Look in the mirror - the answer lies within you - and by that, we mean your body constitution. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the body constitution (“体质” in Mandarin) is defined as a set of physical traits which display according to how your body responds to the external and internal environments.

Understanding your body constitution will help you better manage your wellness, both physically and mentally. That is why a TCM practitioner will always refer to your body constitution, in addition to taking note of your symptoms to ensure a personalised, unique treatment just for you.

To continue maintaining the optimum balance in your life, take our unique BCT (Body Constitution Test)* here.

However, do take note that this test does not represent a medical diagnosis of your existing medical condition and this test is to provide you with a general understanding of your body constitution so that you can manage your overall wellness in a more customised manner. If you would like to manage your existing medical condition through TCM, we strongly advise that you seek your TCM physician for TCM treatment.

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